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Our Independent Living Skills Program (PX0059) and Supported Living Services Program (HX0364) provides individual and personalized assistance to those who are preparing to live on their own or need additional  support while living independently.  We will personalize a training plan to meet the needs of those who wish to become more independent. A qualified trainer will then work to meet those goals.  Some of our basic training areas include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Money management

    • SSI Benefits Assistance​

    • Credit Issues

    • Budgeting

  • Cooking & Menu Planning​

  • Shopping

  • In-Home Support Services Assistance

  • Medical & Dental

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Higher Education supports 

  • Home and Community Safety

  • Mobility Training

  • Legal Issues

    • Divorce​

    • Citizenship and immigration

    • Criminal Courts

    • Restraining Orders

    • Child Custody

  • Residential Agreement​

    • Section 8 Assistance

    • Homeownership through LA Housing Department & Fannie Mae

    • Roommate referrals and assistance

    • Apartment Searches

    • Assistive devices

    • Low-income Utility Assistance 

  • Housekeeping​

  • Grooming and Hygiene

Our company also provides training to clients who have been criminally involved. Our trainers work with the courts and assist clients in learning how to navigate their case and the criminal justice. 


Let’s Work Together

2401 Lake Avenue 

Altadena, CA 91001

Tel: (888) 707-8377


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