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The Giant Steps Community Integration Day Program (PX0207) provides community based group trainings and activities for our participants. Individuals are able to explore their local communities and also gain exposure to new experiences to increase their inclusion in society.

Part of our success is attributed to being able to incorporate technology into community integration training. This is made possible by our Computer Training Center where clients are able to use the computer to e-mail friends, use resources on the Internet, design projects, build websites and use online services to meet their daily needs including online banking, grocery shopping, planning MTA bus trips, as well as enhancing their reading and math skills. We have also added a Digital Photography class where clients are able to use their creativity to capture images that are of interest to them.

The Sports Ethics Program teaches our athletes character building skills and sportsmanship. In order to help our athletes live healthy lifestyles, we teach them how to cook and prepare balanced meals. We also workout throughout the week, through practicing various types of sports as well as working out 2 times a week in a Fitness Gym.

Sexuality, self-esteem, health, building positive relationships, anger management and family issues are addressed in the Women’s Group and Men’s Group separately.

Many of our clients are proud to be able to volunteer their time at animal shelters, homeless shelters, cleaning local beaches and in the community.

Collaboration with other companies have enhanced our program. Agencies such as Heal the Bay, 24 Hour Fitness, EPPIC, Special Olympics and others, have assisted our clients in their development.

Program hours are 9am – 3pm, Monday thru Friday. Transportation (HX0121) is provided.


Let’s Work Together

2401 Lake Avenue 

Altadena, CA 91001

Tel: (888) 707-8377


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