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Homeless Outreach: What We Do

What is the Regional Center?

Regional Centers are non-profit private corporations that enter into contractual agreements with the Department of Developmental Services to effectively deliver and coordinate an extensive range of services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. These centers maintain a widespread presence across California, serving as local entities dedicated to assisting individuals and their families in locating and accessing the diverse array of available services.

The regional centers offer a comprehensive suite of professional services and supports, including but not limited to:

1. Informational and referral services: Providing Authoritative guidance and facilitation of appropriate connections for individuals and families seeking pertinent information. 

2. Assessment and diagnosis: Conducting comprehensive evaluations and diagnostic procedures to accurately ascertain the specific developmental needs of individuals.

3. Counseling: Offering expert counseling services to address emotional, behavioral, and psychological aspects associated with developmental disabilities. 

4. Lifelong individualized planning and service coordination: Collaboratively developing personalized and dynamic plans while ensuring seamless coordination of services throughout an individual's lifespan. 

5. Procurement of necessary services specified in the individual program plan: Facilitating the acquisition of essential services as outlined in an individual's program.

6. Resource development: Actively engaging in the establishment and augmentation of resources tailored to address the unique requirements of individuals with developmental disabilities.

7. Outreach initiatives: Proactively engaging with the community through various strategic endeavors to raise awareness and promote a greater understanding of developmental disabilities.

8. Assistance in locating and utilizing community and other resources: Providing valuable guidance and support to individuals and families in locating and effectively utilizing pertinent community resources.

9. Advocacy for the protection of legal, civil, and service rights: Vigorously advocating for the safeguarding of the legal, civil, and service rights of individuals with developmental disabilities.

10. Early intervention services for infants at risk and their families: Recognizing the critical importance of early intervention, the Regional Center provides specialized services and support at-risk infants and their families, facilitating optimal development and well-being.

11. Genetic counseling: Leveraging expert knowledge and guidance, the Regional Center offers comprehensive genetic counseling services to individuals and families, providing invaluable insights and support regarding genetic factors associated with developmental disabilities.

12. Family support: The Regional Center acknowledges the vital role of families in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and provides comprehensive assistance  and resources to enhance their well-being and capacity to provide effective support.

13. Planning, placement, and monitoring for 24-hour out-of-home care: Ensuring meticulous planning, appropriate placement, and vigilant monitoring, the Regional Center takes responsibility for individuals who require  round-the-clock care in out-of-home settings, ensuring their safety and well-being.

14. Training and educational opportunities for individuals and families: Recognizing the power of knowledge, the Regional Center offers diverse training and educational programs designed to enhance the skills, abilities, and understanding of individuals and their families in relation to developmental disabilities.

15. Community education on developmental disabilities: The Regional Center conducts comprehensive community education initiatives, disseminating accurate information, fostering awareness, understanding, and acceptance of developmental disabilities within the community. 

Through its unwavering dedication, the Regional Center fulfills a crucial role in the provision of exemplary services and supports.

How do I find my Regional Center? 

To ascertain the specific Regional Center that caters to your geographic vicinity, whether within or outside Los Angeles, kindly access this link

How do I sign-up?

To ascertain the specific Regional Center that caters to your geographic vicinity, whether within or outside Los Angeles, kindly access this link

How do I sign-up?

To register for our programs, kindly initiate the enrollment process through your designated Regional Center. The service coordinator or counselor assigned to assist you at the Regional Center will be responsible for submitting a formal request for services on your behalf.

Do I qualify for your program?

To be eligible for our programs, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Minimum age requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

2. Diagnostic confirmation: Applicants must be received a professional diagnosis of a developmental disability. 

3. Enrollment at a local Regional Center: Applicants must be enrolled at their respective local Regional Center.

Please note that adherence to these requirements is necessary for consideration in our programs.

What is developmental disability?

"Developmental disability" refers to a condition characterized by impairment that arises prior to an individual reaching at the age of 18, persists or is expected to persist indefinitely, and significantly impacts the individual's functioning. Such disabilities encompass intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism. Additionally, they encompass disabling conditions closely associated with intellectual disability or necessitating similar treatment approaches to those required for individuals with intellectual disabilities. However, it should be noted that solely physical handicapping conditions are excluded from this definition.

What areas do you provide services?

We presently offer services in the Greater Los Angeles region, encompassing various areas within the catchment regions of the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center (Central and South Los Angeles area), Westside Regional Center (Culver City, Inglewood, Santa Monica areas), Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center (Downtown and Hollywood areas), and Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (Northeast Los Angeles, Alhambra, Temple City areas).

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