Day Program

  The Giant Steps Community Integration Day Program (PX0207) provides community based group trainings and activities for our participants. Individuals are able to explore their local communities and also gain exposure to new experiences to increase their inclusion in society.


Our Independent Living Skills Program (PX0059) and Supported Living Services Program (HX0364) provides individual and personalized assistance to those who are preparing to live on their own or need additional  support while living independently.  


Giant Steps provide employment training and opportunities to our Community Integration program participants through the Snack Attack Vending Services, The Giant Steps Store & More and Salvage Society. These are businesses that we have developed for our clients.


Our specialized residential facilities provide 24 hour support for up to 4 persons in each home. We provide assistance in daily living skills, medication and health management, balanced meals and leisure activities.

Giant Steps is an agency providing services to adults with developmental disabilities within the Los Angeles County area. Our services range from group activities to individualized trainings. We assist our participants in their ability to become more independent in the community or in their own home and to gain employment experiences. In addition, we also have residential facilities providing 24 hour assistance and support.

Our organization is contracted with the Department of Developmental Services through their Regional Centers. We currently provide services to individuals within the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, Westside Regional Center, Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center and Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center.