Giant Steps provide employment training and opportunities to our Community Integration program participants through the Snack Attack Vending Services, The Giant Steps Store & More and Salvage Society. These are businesses that we have developed for our clients.

Snack Attack LogoSnack Attack is a food and beverage vending business providing services to companies in the Los Angeles area. It was developed to give our participants an opportunity to learn vocational skills. Our participants service and maintain the machines, shop for products, take inventory and maintain client relations. All profits from the business goes toward paying our participants. For more information about Snack Attack or if you are interested in placing a vending machine at your place of business, please call (888) 204-2411.

Participants in our Community Integration program also have the opportunity to learn vocational skills by working at The Giant Steps Store & More discount store in Gardena, CA. They learn sales, inventory skills and customer service.  For more information, please visit their website at or call (310) 412-1234.

Salvage Society is a junk removal service that helps those who are looking to declutter and remove unwanted items from their homes or businesses. Salvage Society works alongside the Giant Steps Store & More to recycle and repurpose items that are picked up to reduce landfill waste. For more information, go to or call (888) 572-5336 to schedule services.