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Giant Steps Community Programs provides employment training and job coaching opportunities for adults with special needs such as Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Intellectual Disabilities.  Additionally, our Vocational program was developed to provide our participants an opportunity to learn vocational skills prior to entering the open job market.  We provide the following Vocational programs.  


Vending Services - (888) 204-2411 

Our participants are trained to service and maintain the machines, shop for products, take inventory and maintain client relations. Call us to place a vending machine at your location.


Salvage Society Junk Removal - (888) 572-5336 

From a garage clean-out to heavy construction debris, our professional junk hauling team are trained to, organize, remove and stage any size job. Proper lift techniques, proper disposal of hazardous items, removal of clutter and hoarding and disposition of Estate items. 


Salvage Society Thrift Store - (310) 412-1234   

We provide training in all aspects of retail store operations. Sales, shelf stocking, merchandising, cashiering and inventory.  Our Store sales and consignment provide resources for our employment training program. 


Van Wash - (213) 204-1000 

We specialize in fleet maintenance, washing, cleaning and maintaining the interior and exterior of fleet vehicles.  Commercial, limousines, vans, taxi services. 


All profits generated from the Vocational programs are utilized to pay our program participants.    



We Match the needs of the business with the strength and interest of the candidate.  We assess the intern, provide additional training where and if needed to ensure a good fit and focus on job retention.  


Successful Job development required that the job developer partners with local businesses to gain an understanding of the organization’s goals and specific hiring needs. Once this is accomplished, the process continues by developing hiring solutions that match the skills and abilities of the candidate with the Employer requirements.


The Job Developers work with individuals throughout the job search process to: 


Customized Job Placement & Candidate Development:

  • Develop Cover Letters, Resumes, Portfolios, and ‘Thank You’ Letters 

  • Assist in completing paper or online applications/assessments 

  • Present employment proposals to potential employers, and strategic marketing/networking on the individual’s behalf 

  • Conduct Mock Interviews and Situational training 

  • Provide Interview Support 

  • Follow-up with employers on the individual’s behalf, or coaching the individual on follow-up procedures and techniques 

  • Work with employers for recruitment, job customization, and placement 


Job Coaching: 

We believe in connecting capable people with the job best suited for both employee and employer. Specialized training and assistance can be provided through instruction, performance measurement, natural supports, if required.  


Our Job Coaches provide on-the-job training at the business site by supporting the individual through coaching and mentoring. Ensuring a successful fit for both employee and employer based on mutual goals.  

Let’s Work Together

2401 Lake Avenue 

Altadena, CA 91001

Tel: (888) 707-8377


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