Our specialized residential facilities provide 24 hour support for up to 4 persons in each home. We provide assistance in daily living skills, medication and health management, balanced meals and leisure activities.

Our primary mission is to ensure that persons with developmental disabilities achieve their maximum growth potential for their physical, emotional, cognitive and social functioning by providing a facility whose services and therapies allow them to achieve and maintain this optimum level of functioning.

Ambiria Homes I and II embody the principles of normalization in the least restrictive environment, promote independence appropriate to age, and emphasize a commitment in all facets of daily living and programming.

  • Clean, comfortable accommodation.
  • Private or semi-private room.
  • Cleaning of room weekly or more often as necessary.
  • Clean linen weekly or more often as necessary, including bedding, towels, and wash cloths.
  • Basic toiletry articles (e.g., toilet paper, soap and toothpaste)
  • Free basic personal laundry service (washing, ironing, mending) and laundry facilities.
  • Three nutritious meals a day.
  • Modified diet, if prescribed.
  • Nutritious snacks.
  • Ongoing health observation.

  • Arrangement of medical/dental care.
  • Assistance with medication as prescribed by a physician.
  • Emergency health care for temporary illness (365 days) with free tray meal served.
  • Guidance toward self-care.
  • Aid in grooming.
  • Continuous in-house supervision, unless a written exception is granted by Regional Center and licensing agency.
  • Social and recreational activities.
  • Transportation to meet resident’s needs. Involvement in community activities.

Ambiria Homes I
6424 Sherman Way
Bell, California 90802
Residents must meet the following criteria:
  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Regional Center Client
  3. Free from restricted health conditions
  4. Ambulatory
  5. Female

Ambiria Homes II 
8141 Victoria Street
South Gate, California 90280
Residents must meet the following criteria:
  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Diagnosed with Pica disorder
  3. Regional Center Client
  4. Male