List below three persons not related to you who have knowledge of your work performance within the last three years.


I hereby certify that I have not knowingly withheld any information that might adversely affect my chances for employment and that the answers given by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I, the undersigned applicant, have personally completed this application. I understand that any omission or misstatement of material fact on this application or for immediate discharge if I am employed, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery.

I hereby authorize Giant Steps to thoroughly investigate my references, work record, education and other matters related to my suitability for employment unless otherwise specified above. I further, authorize the references I have listed to disclose to the company any and all letters, reports and other information related to my work records, without giving me prior notice of such disclosure. In addition, I hereby release Giant Steps, my former employers and all other persons, corporations, partnerships and associations from and all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or in any way related to such investigation or disclosure.

You may also submit this application by emailing it to apply@giantsteps.net or fax to (213) 291-9224

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